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Avenal prison egg farm The best job for an inmate at Avenal State Prison? Working at the on-site egg production facility, which supplies eggs to all the state prisons.

Ballad in the vineyards A vineyard worker in the Anderson Valley is also in a local mariachi band.

Holtville Cemetery, Imperial County The Terrace Park Cemetery in Holtville is actually two cemeteries in one. The one next to the road looks pretty typical: there’s a lush lawn, trees that attract birds, and gravestones with flowers. Tucked behind that is the pauper’s cemetery, where unclaimed and unidentified bodies are buried. Because Holtville is only […]

On vineyards and community in the Anderson Valley Deb Cahn of Navarro Vineyards on the distrust of big vintners, and the need for community participation.

At the Garberville laundromat, marijuana is everywhere The attendant at Garberville’s laundromat describes how even the “straight” businesses of Humboldt county are dependent on the marijuana industry.

In Lindsay, oranges dominate the senses (teens and a farmer) Though Lindsay’s economy has diversified, oranges still have a big presence.

Ranchers, hippies, and recent immigrants agree: no governement interference Deb Cahn of Navarro Vineyards, say old timers, back-to-the-landers, and immigrants all agree on one thing in the Anderson Valley.

A former logger and a back-to-the-lander talk pot Two perspectives on how marijuana took hold in Southern Humboldt.

Night shooting class Ed Wells runs night shooting training for Imperial Valley College students hoping to become law enforcement officers. More students declare majors in Administration of Justice than in any other department in the college.

Girl grower: branding cannibis to protect the Humboldt name A young marijuana grower talks branding and the entrepreneurial spirit she sees as necessary for the future of pot in Humboldt.

Supply shop for the modern marijuana farmer A local business is “too busy” during harvest season.

Old-time marijuana grower: the thrill is gone A grower who moved to Southern Humboldt in the 70s on the end of outlaw culture.

Police officer, yes. Border patrol, no. A top student in the law enforcement training program on why she doesn’t want to become a Border Patrol agent.

Marijuana plants dedicated to charity Old-time marijuana grower describes the marijuana/charity connection in Humboldt.

Beverly Ogle, Humbug Valley Beverly Ogle is part of a group of Mt. Maidu people working to get Humbug Valley formally turned over to the Maidu for ownership.

David Velasco, training for career in law enforcement David Velasco is a student in the Administration of Justice program at Imperial Valley College, the most popular major at the college.

Full Story Boonville and the Anderson Valley: A Question of Grapes For outsiders, Mendocino County’s Boonville used to be a “blink-and-you-miss-it” spot along Highway 128. Through the years it’s been home to sheep ranchers, apple farmers and marijuana growers. But recently, Pinot Noir grapes have put Boonville and the Anderson Valley on the map — […]

Full Story Lindsay: A Central Valley Town Buries a Troubled Past Lindsay is a Central Valley town of 12,000 built up around olive and citrus groves. Twenty years ago, a state-wide freeze signaled the start of a series of events that crippled Lindsay’s economy. But the town buried its troubled past and forged a new […]

Full Story Garberville in Southern Humboldt County: A Town That Pot Built The Humboldt County town of Garberville is a thriving center of California’s marijuana industry. For the past few decades, pot growing has gradually replaced logging and ranching as the economic engine there. Southern Humboldt reporter Kym Kemp and I tour Garberville to share […]

Salinas Valley: Interpreting Health In the small farm towns of Salinas Valley, an increasing number of residents are indigenous Mexicans. They speak Mixteco, Zapoteco, and Triqui; Spanish is a second language, if it’s spoken at all. That can create complex language barriers, which Natividad Medical Center is working to break down. (aired on The California […]

Full Story Mountain Maidu Country: Tribal People and Land Stewardship Hundreds of years ago, the land north of the Feather River in the mountains of Plumas and Lassen Counties was filled with villages of native Mt. Maidu people. After the Gold Rush, prospectors, developers and government agencies took over their land. Their population dwindled and […]

Full Story Avenal: Oil Boom to Prison Town In 1929, oil was discovered in the Kettleman Hills — and the nearby town of Avenal was born. But by the 1960s, the oil business dried up, and Avenal struggled to find a new economy and identity. They found one, but in an industry most towns had […]

Full Story Calipatria: Renewable Energy Mecca? Calipatria sits in California’s southeast corner, in Imperial County. Many of the town’s residents rejoiced in April, 2011 when Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a requirement that by 2020, the state get over 30 percent of its electricity from renewable sources. They hope the region’s natural resources will […]

Inconveniences of modern mj grower On a busy day of work in her outdoor marijuana garden, our young female grower describes the difficulties of cultivating marijuana while staying in touch with a smart phone.