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The attendant at Garberville’s laundromat describes how even the “straight” businesses of Humboldt county are dependent on the marijuana industry.


Two perspectives on how marijuana took hold in Southern Humboldt.


A young marijuana grower talks branding and the entrepreneurial spirit she sees as necessary for the future of pot in Humboldt.


A local business is “too busy” during harvest season.


Old-time marijuana grower describes the marijuana/charity connection in Humboldt.

thrill is gone

A grower who moved to Southern Humboldt in the 70s on the end of outlaw culture.


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The Humboldt County town of Garberville is a thriving center of California’s marijuana industry. For the past few decades, pot growing has gradually replaced logging and ranching as the economic engine there. Southern Humboldt reporter Kym Kemp and I tour Garberville to share the changing identity of a town underwritten by pot. (aired on The California Report Jan 2011)


On a busy day of work in her outdoor marijuana garden, our young female grower describes the difficulties of cultivating marijuana while staying in touch with a smart phone.